About Us

At the end of your life, you’re NOT going to wish you worked more. You’re going to wish that you accomplished everything you were supposed to, and that nothing important was left undone. - Shayne Mauricette, CEO Vivamus Group

Shayne Mauricette, Vivamus Group
CEO and Founder

Shayne Mauricette is a trusted advisor to CEOs and Founders around the world seeking to accelerate revenue while reducing operational complexity. He is business growth expert, a startup advisor at the Ryerson University Biomedical Zone for biomedical startups, an advisory board member of the Economic Club of Canada, and a graduate of Harvard University.

Our Story

When my mother passed away, I was forced to confront the reality of how finite and non-renewable ‘time’ is. It was at her bedside at 4am that the name ‘Vivamus’ occurred to me. It comes from the latin phrase dum vivimus vivamus meaning “while we live, let us live.” It’s a simple but powerful phrase that captures accurately the unspoken wish of almost every business owner, CEO, or founder, who’s personal life has been compromised as they struggle to rise above obscurity in the marketplace, meet (or exceed) financial targets, and consistently deliver great customer experiences as a means to growth.

It’s from that standpoint, that we approach our mission of helping business owners around the world unlock their potential so that nothing important is left undone. It’s also to ensure that your business becomes your servant and NOT your master so that you can ultimately enjoy every aspect of life.

If you believe, as we do, that time is precious and that it’s time to stop struggling, then we invite you to connect with us to see if and how we can help you on your growth journey.